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Let me introduce myself - My name is Rachael.


I'm an island girl born and raised in beautiful Barbados. I've always been a creative person from as early as I can remember, from sketching and painting to various forms of dancing and falling in love with aerial arts and boxing and I am constantly throwing myself into new experiences. My design journey seems to be a long one so stick with me...

Instead of studying in Canada or the USA, I chose to stay in Barbados at the Community College which had fantastic reviews about their arts programs and was, at that time, essentially free education.

Associate and Bachelor Degrees

In 2011, I began what would be five years of an art education, completing my two-year Associates Degree in Visual Arts and three-year Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts Majoring in Graphic Design. These were very hands on and developed my knowledge in Printmaking, 3d Sculpting, Art History, Colour Theory, Drawing, Painting, Photography, Branding and Design. 


In my Bachelors program, I advanced my knowledge in design software, aesthetic design, layouts, colour theory, studying typefaces, creating fonts, branding, pitching ideas and creating decks for presentations to sell products or services. I graduated with Upper Second Class Honours and won the award for best presentation.

Trinidad and Tobago | Publicis Caribbean

In 2016, I moved to Trinidad and Tobago, and joined an incredible team at a Creative Agency called Publicis Caribbean, this is where I finally got a real taste for the design industry, and in such a competitive island. Some of the brands I worked for were LLB, Carib Beer, Republic Bank, Orchard, Nestle, Nescafe, Soldanza Snacks, Massy Communications and Nissan. This was an incredible experience seeing all of the campaigns all over the island and by extent, the entire region.

Barbados | Sign Depot 

I moved back to Barbados to work as an Art Director for a printery called Sign Depot, a fast paced turnaround sign company. This helped expand my knowledge about production, print materials and post-production. Working with many different clients, such as Chefette and the Zander logo to name a few. This has given me well-rounded expertise when working with clients.

Barbados | The Cirque Studio | Sun Group Inc.

After taking in all the knowledge I could, I decided to move on as my end goal has always been to work for myself. After much thought and voiced want/need from parents and teenagers, I decided to open up my own Aerial Dance Company called 'The Cirque Studio' that also offered Graphic Design Services. Around that time I also began a job at Sun Group Inc. as their lead Graphic Designer and went on to work these three jobs for a few years.

Ember Creative

In December 2019, I decided that it was time to release the safety nets, I moved on from Sun Group Inc and closed the aerial part of my company, changed the company name to 'Ember Creative' and have been working for myself ever since. Working on my own, I've now helped develop brands and get their artwork produced all over the world such as Brazil, China, Costa Rica, England, Tokyo, Turkey, Thailand, Canada right down to the Caribbean such as Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, and Trinidad. 


As a someone who is always wanting to push forward and learn, I have also acquired a certificate in 2020 from a Public Relations Masterclass and I am currently pursuing a Masterclass in Persuasion Psychology and a Digital Marketing Course and attended the 2021 ADWORLD conference to learn about new trends in the industry.

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