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What Ember can offer you

Brand Identity

Style your brand with consistency. From logo design, letterheads, fonts, placements and everything in-between.

What I can offer:

New Logo Design | Logo Cleanup/Revamp | Campaigns (seamless design from print to digital) | Brand Guidelines (includes Brand Ethos, Values, Graphic Elements, Logo Application, Colour Guide, Font Guide, Patterns, Photography Style and more...)

Styling your brand identity is a journey. It will inspire and unleash your inner creativity and pickiness about certain elements you may not have even thought about. Through this journey, you will need to remember the vision you started with, what you are trying to do, who you are trying to reach.


Brand identity should authentically represent you and your business. Reflect your values and aspirations. Give you confidence. Resonate with the people that matter the most, be distinctive. Your brand will set you apart from your competitors and help you get to where you want to be. Don’t be afraid to embrace the power of colour, distinctive fonts that will help add character and personality. Don’t be afraid to do something that is different to what is ‘trending’, it may just be the very thing that pushes you further than you competitors.

We will visit your Brand Anatomy and Social Media presence. Talk about your goals and help you create solutions for better results.

Print Media

Target your audience with various print media.

What I can offer:

Brochures | Business Cards | Menu Design | Newspaper Ads | Billboards

Adopt-A-Km | Stationery | Press Vacancy Ads | Booklets | Magazine Ads | Wobblers | Shelf Talkers | Posters | Flyers | Letterheads & more...

Print media advertising is the oldest means of marketing that businesses use to promote their brands and today are better, bolder and increasingly colourful. With state-of-the-art technology, the print industry has become more advanced and vibrant. Today, advertisers display adverts on numerous mediums to influence consumer habits in more ways than compared to electronic media.


Print is still the best way to grow your brand awareness and you can trust that by advertising through this industry, your brand or service can move to the next level. It has a landscape of opportunities that can help your brand leave a lasting impression and reach thousands of consumers by simply just being seen on the side of the road, the in newspaper and more.

Digital Media

Reach your followers with consistent and branded social media promotions

What I can offer:

Social Media Branded Promotions (monthly packages available or campaigns) | Web Banners | Simple video promotions | Keynote & Powerpoint Presentations | Digital Look-books & more!

Digital Media can seem a little daunting. All the terminology and technical nonsense can easily make you feel like a deer in headlights – and that’s not ideal. The core problem that prevents most companies from investing in digital marketing, is that they don’t know what they need, that's where Ember comes in.


Investing in digital marketing is a big decision, but you don’t need to pay for the whole shebang. Sometimes it’s a completely branded sponsored post to shift some seasonal products that are on sale, or some social media marketing to grow your following online. Whatever your needs, when it comes to investing in digital marketing, you need to find the right service and consistent designs to reach your goals.

Product Packaging

Appeal to your ideal consumer with consistent branding and  designs.

What I can offer:

Product Labels | Product Tags | Product Packaging | Stickers

Your packaging design has a decision point in the purchasing process. Sometimes a product is stand alone, and in other cases, it’s representing a bigger well-established brand. A product’s packaging should appeal to its ideal consumer and it’s important to know who that consumer is before you start the design process.

There are three questions you must have the answer to before we start the process of your package design:

  1. What is the Product?

  2. Who is buying the product?

  3. How are they buying the product?

The Process

For a smooth development process, I recommend you share as much information with me as possible about your vision and/or brand, this includes any text you may want to be included, vibe, and colours.

1. Collect

Let's chat about your vision! I have questions specifically designed to collect as much information from you as I can. I may also have you fill out one of my Creative Briefs for further clarity.

2. Create

This is where all of the important work is done. I use the brief and my understanding of your vision and verbal direction to create your branding/artwork with your consumers in mind.

3. Discuss

An essential part of our process is your review of the fresh artwork. I’ll discuss all options and feedback with you. I may have to revise a bit but quite often from here, it’s straight on to the delivery process

4. Deliver

This is where I deliver your project in all formats you may require and email them to you or your chosen printery! (eg. Sized for Instagram, Facebook, Newspaper, Magazine or screens and more!)

Please note some projects may require 50% deposit. this will be indicated on your quote.

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